An Application of Fractional Order PID Controller for an Electrical Drive under Various Load Disturbances

  • Sundari Gopal, Shanmugapriyan J


In most of the Industrial applications, speed control of any Electrical Drive  is extremely important because of the External noises, Power supply fluctuations and Load variations  at all the times. In order to escape these issues, conventional controllers like PID controllers has been made using conventional methods such as Zigler Nichols method. These controllers have only three parameters to minimize the transient behavior such as peak overshoot, and steady state behavior such as steady state error and settling time. This paper deals with the applications of FOPID controller to optimize the peakovershoot, steady state error and settling time.  Conventional controllers had only three parameters, and optimization will not be accurate. But the FOPID controllers which had five parameters then they were optimized in order to get the required transient and steady state behavior.This paper also highlights the advances of FOPID controller compared with PID controller when they are tuned by fuzzy logic controller.