Design and Implementation of Multilevel Cascaded Boost converter fed Multilevel Inverter

  • Vijayalakshmi.S, Marimuthu.M, Paranthagan.B, Dharneesh.K, Manojkumar.P, Kalaiarasan.G, Surendran.R


Herein, a venture is contrived and executed with Multilevel Cascaded Boost converter fed Multilevel Inverter. This paper comes up with two grades, one specifies Multilevel Cascaded Boost Converter and other is Cascaded H-Bridge inverter. The Multilevel Cascaded Boost converter changes the single DC input into five stages and H-Bridge inverter converts DC output from converter into an AC. The output voltage stages of the converter can be enhanced by including capacitor and diode in the output terminal. This paper manages the machination and persistent state investigation of converter and inverter and the simulation have been performed exploiting MatLAB/Simulink.