Vibration Signal Acquisition System Based on C8051 Series Single Chip Microcomputer

  • Yaping Chen, Huanle Zhang*, Rongbin Zhou


This paper designs a vibration data acquisition system for multi-channel information fusion. The hardware platform of the system is built based on C8051 series microprocessor and epm7256ae. This paper describes the data acquisition process and timing, design data acquisition driver and application program. The acquisition instrument has four analog input channels. The AC and DC flow of each signal are separated on the acquisition circuit. There are 8 channels of AD conversion in the acquisition instrument, which can realize the synchronous sampling of multi-channel vibration signals and effectively solve the problem of multi-channel data synchronization in the same source information fusion. This method improves the reliability and accuracy of fault diagnosis. The experimental results show that the acquisition system designed in this paper can be successfully applied in fault diagnosis instrument products, and can improve the accuracy and efficiency of sampling data.