A Cuckoo Optimized Fuzzy Approach For Rule Selection For Cross Layer Tcp

  • Dr. S. Selvi , Dr. M. Dhipa , Mrs. N. S. Kavitha ,Dr. M. Vimaladevi


Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is connection-oriented protocol applicable for wired links and stationary host networks. This paper focuses on choosing representative nodes using optimized fuzzy rule selection with a Hybrid Cuckoo Search. Fuzzy logic has a significant role in producing results with uncertainty and imprecision. A Hybrid algorithm combining the features of Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) and Cuckoo Search for fuzzy rule selection has been proposed. ACO’s problem is that ants walk through a path where a chemical substance named pheromone is deposited. This would attract the ants toward them. The conventional Cuckoo based search is opted for efficient searching locally with only one parameter excluding size of the population. A node is a representative node when its two hop neighbors reveal poor link quality, low bandwidth, and high mobility. Experiments improved throughput and reduced end to end delay.