Sustainable dimension in the Bachelor and Teaching Degree in Education Sciences Programs of National University of Lujan, Argentina

  • Ramon Bedolla Solano, Juan José Bedolla Solano, Adriana Miranda Esteban, Oscar Sánchez Adame


This study focused on identifying the identification of sustainability in the curriculum of the Bachelor and Teaching Degree in Educational Sciences, educational programs taught by the National University of Lujan in Argentina. With reference to the environmental crisis is perceived on the planet, universities around the world must incorporate in their curricula in a transversal or other way an Environmental Education (EE) with a sustainable approach. It is a mixed investigation with descriptive approach. It was developed in 2019. Techniques and instruments were applied to actors of the educational process in both programs such as the survey, the interview and the rubric with two general variables, the perception of the environmental crisis and the environmental dimension in the curriculum. Generally, it is evident that teachers and students perceive the environmental crisis related to the context of sustainability, however, the sustainable dimension in the curriculum of the educational programs studied is very scarce.