A sustainable design and manufacturing of inundated applications

  • Kaarthikeya M


Manufacturing and design industry has evolved over a period of time. Advances have been made for all kinds of applications working in different environmental conditions. A special case would be for the applications working under submerged conditions in water. The pressure, temperature and humidity would be very different on those applications compared to the ones working in dry conditions. And to make those applications work in the long run, significant due diligence is required while designing and manufacturing such applications. The underwater shock is another important factor to be considered while designing the inundated applications as the load of machinery and equipments are huge in such cases. The modelling of such applications would require the stress analysis which would account for the maximum load the material used would be able to take in extreme conditions. This step becomes very important for the safety and sustainability of inundated applications in the long run. The paper would review the work done in this area and would try to analyse the challenges faced. It will try to address the research gap for this industry and would come up with the future prospects of the design which could be taken care.