Analysis of Resource Allocation in Cognitive Radio Network Using Neural Network

  • Vivek Banerjee, Dr. Rajneesh Karan


Resouce allocation is major area in cognitve radio network. The allocation of resouce ensure the effcient utilization of spectrum in wireless network. The optimal resouce allocation enhance the effciency of channel allocation and energy minimization. The utility of cogitive radio is unsed spectrum of primary user used by seconadry user. The utilization of spectrum with intervenation of primary user used some resolation allocation methods. The machine learning and neural provides the better resouce optimization process of cognitve radio network. The design filter by neural network reduces the interchannel interfrence value and increase the efficency of network. In this paper prsent the review of various resouce allocation mechanism based on different neural networ and machine learning based techniqe. The machine learning based resouce allocation used various methods such as cluesterd radio rescouce network, game theory based allocation of resouce in cognitive radio network. The perfromance analysis of exesting technique over standard paramters and used MATLAB software. The MATLAB is well know simulation software for commuincation network.