Visual Inspection of Slope at Kuala Pilah – Seremban Federal Highway by using UAV Photogrammetry


  • Masiri Kaamin , Khairi Supar , Mardiha Mokhtar , Nurul Hudai Abdullah , Nor Baizura Hamid , Khairunnisa Khairolanuar , Nur Ayu Ardilla Mohd Zin , Nur Imanina Zulkefle


Every road that has a slope will be inspect periodically to identify the damage of the slope. The area of the study did
not have a specific route for engineers to go up but there was only a drain route. Therefore, this study will use
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to record orthophoto image of the entire slope once can process and analyze the
slopes examined. This slopes is examined using two method which is manual and auto. After taking the images, the
images will be processed and analyzed to produce orthomosaic and DSM, contour, water shed, elevation grid and
cross-section. When the images is taken by UAV is zoom is also enough to detect cracking on the slope.