Power Quality Refinement by Using PV Supported DSTATCOM

  • Ali K. Hussein, Omer K. Ahmed, Raid W. Daoud, Zaid H. Ali


The dynamic behavior and performance of DSTATCOM and its applications to improve the Microgrid power quality are discussed. To further understand and analyze DSTATCOM, the modeling of the IEEE 13-bus system, PV system, and the proposed DSTATCOM is studied. Validating the proposed DSTATCOM in different scenarios is carried out by using MATLAB/SIMULINK. The simulation results show the difference between the Microgrid voltage with and without DSTATCOM and demonstrate that the DSTATCOM can improve power quality in the Microgrid. It is shown that, by using the DSTATCOM, the power flow in the Microgrid can be managed, the total harmonics distortion can be alleviated, and the voltage profile can be regulated.

Keywords— Distribution, DSTATCOM, Photovoltaic, Power Quality, Harmonic Distortion.