The Impact of Deploying the Internet of Things and How Will It Change Our Lives


  • Mohammed A. M. Afifi, Taher M. Ghazal, Deepak Kalra


As of the time and day starting to write this research, the total number of the Internet users are significantly increasing every minute. The popularity of connecting to and using the Internet has become natural for most if-not-all the devices and appliances manufactured nowadays. Having these devices and more connected to the Internet simply leads to what is known today as the Internet of Things (IoT); which is a super rapidly growing online network across the whole globe and eventually, we will find every “THING” is connected one way or another to the Internet. While the IoT concept is relatively not fully understood for some people, its continued applicationsare helping to improve the quality of life that many people across the world are using today. The developments revolving around the IoT concept are changing the way things are done and improving the applications of technology in the execution of activities and operations that were previously considered difficult. The current research presents a detailed definition and a clear description of the IoT concept, shedding lights on the way it has changed the nature of life that people are living today, and the expected innovations that will emerge from its development to change the lives of many people across the world in near future.

Keywords: Internet of Things, IoT, IoT Applications, IoT Deployment