Optimization of Process Parameter for Dissimilar Friction Stir Welding of Al/Mg Alloys

  • K. P. Vasantha Kumar, M. Balasubramanian


In this paper, the optimization of friction stir welding process parameter for tensile strength and hardness of dissimilar aluminium aa6061 alloy and magnesium AZ31b alloy. Friction stir welding experiment of dissimilar Al/Mg alloy is performed by varying input process parameter based on RSM-central composite design techniques. The tensile property of dissimilar welded al and mg alloys is evaluated using universal testing machine. The vicker’s hardness tester is used to evaluate the hardness of dissimilar welded Al and Mg alloys at welded zone. Based on the results of a tensile and hardness test, the linear mathematical model is developed. The ANOVA is adapt to check adequacy of the generated regression model and evaluated the influence of each process parameter on tensile strength and hardness. The desirability approach is used determine optimum process parameter for getting high tensile strength and high hardness. The optimal parameter for high mechanical properties of dissimilar Al and Mg alloy at TTA - 2 deg, RS - 600rpm and TS - 20 mm/min is 164.04 MPa with the desirability of 0.98.