Lean Implementation for Improving Process Flow towards Industry Revolution (IR4.0) Using Arena Simulation


  • Ahmad Nur Aizat Ahmad , Md Fauzi Ahmad , Norhadilah Abdul Hamid , Nor Aziati Abdul Hamid , Rumaizah Ruslan , Edwin Lamani , Guzman Nawanir , Adnan Bakri, Mustaqqim Abdul Rahim


Lean manufacturing can be used to minimize waste and reduce non-added value activities in industries. In this era,
all sectors in manufacturing want to implement IR 4.0 which is most of the process will use the Internet of Things
(IoT). To increase the current IR4.0 level, some waste in the production system must be reduced to implement the
new technology. The purpose of this study is to implement a lean principle for improving process flow using ARENA
Simulation Software. This study had focused on the frozen food manufacturing industry. The process flow can be
efficiency relied on how well the various production facilities, employee’s amenities and, machines are in a
production system. This study had used Arena simulation software to analyze the data and remove the waste from the
process flow in the production system. Data been collected for three days on 3 batches by using a qualitative method
which are interview, observation and time study method. The respondents were from the owner of the company,
manager of the production and manager of the quality department. The outcome of this research is the company had
able to reduce the lead time in process flow by improving their layout of production. This lead time had reduced by
eliminating waste such as waiting for time, transportation and flow of product. This improvement had increased by
10% of productivity in this company.