Exploring Possibility of Flexible Learning Management for Teacher Preparation Program

  • Chaloemchai Sosutha, Santi Wijakkanalan, Prasart Nuangchalerm


This research aimed to explore flexible learning management for pre-service teachers by employing document analysis and survey research. Related documents about flexible learning were investigated and 345 pre-service teachers in their 1st  - 4th years of program study participated in an empirical study. Document synthesis records and a questionnaire enquiring about flexible learning management were necessary research tools. Percentage, average, and standard deviation were used for data analysis.         Results showed that there were three benefits of flexible learning: 1) learning could occur at any time and location; 2) use of technology helped manage learning; and 3) time and travel expenses were saved through flexible learning management. There were 4 key elements of flexible learning which consisted of 1) learning resources, 2) technology, 3) a student-centered approach, and 4) different learning styles. In the age of new normal education, flexible learning management is an alternative for shaping the learning environment          in teacher preparation programs.

Keywords- borderless learning; flexible learning; learning management; technology