Harmonic Alleviation In Distribution Systems By Upfc With Genetic Algorithm And Dq Theory For Non-Linear Loads

  • Gnana Thilaka C mary Linda M


This paper investigates the harmonic alleviation and the reactive power compensation in distribution systems. One of the emerging FACTS devices for harmonic mitigation is Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC). Series and shunt converters are the two components of UPFC and proper control of these converters are necessary. The control of series converter is achieved with a PI controller and the tuning of the controller parameter is accomplished with Genetic Algorithm (GA), through which the link voltage is also retained. The shunt converter is controlled by reference-current generation theory named DQ theory. The reference current is generated by this theory and the requisite pulses for the shunt converter is generated with the help of PWM generator and the produced opposite harmonics are introduced to the PCC. Thus the harmonic alleviation and the reactive power compensation is achieved and the result shows the validation of the proposed ideology.