Cryptographic Algorithm Performance Measurement For The Secure Data Transmission In Manufacturing Execution System

  • Vivekraj M, Thirumalai R


The high developments of computing technologies have developed powerful and integrated software applications thus evolving the significance of the Manufacturing Execution System. The functional background of Manufacturing Execution system supports from the purchase of raw material, production order release till the delivery of the finished products. This research work discusses the complexity of manufacturing execution system in fulfilling the needs of the customers for secure data transmission using Cryptographic algorithm. Cryptographic algorithms are familiar in usage for data encryption, digital signature, and authentication. Cryptography promises personal protection and non-alteration, etc. It is important to preserve the security of correspondence through open channels and to demonstrate the validity of an incoming message. The art of translating a readable text (plain text) into an unreadable text (ciphertext) that ensures data protection is known as cryptography. In this paper, the various cryptography (DES, AES, Blowfish, RSA, and Hash) techniques are implemented and results were compared. This paper proposes and develops an overall design and approach for robotic security systems for safe communication.

Keywords: Cyber Physical Systems, Cyber Physical System Security, Cryptography, Adaptive Security Performance.