The Lived Experiences of Basic Education Teachers during Virtual Conferences

  • Helen B. Boholano, Bernard Evangelicom V. Jamon, Mary Grace C. Jamon, George Stewart Boholano


The Covid 19 pandemic has changed the way teachers participate in conferences. This prompted them to join virtual conferences initiated by different institutions to continuously abreast them with the current trends in education in the time of the pandemic. The purpose of this study is to describe the contextual meaning of the lived experiences of basic education teachers during virtual conferences. The study utilized the qualitative phenomenological research design. Based on the findings, six themes emerged from the lived experiences of the basic education teachers during virtual conferences which are unstable internet connectivity, saves resources and time, superficial experiences, learning in a new way, technical problems experienced, and convenient learning experience. It is concluded that conferences offer advantages and disadvantages which could be used by the virtual conference organizers and institutions of learning to improve and strengthen the virtual conference experiences of the participants

Keywords- lived experiences, basic education, teachers, virtual conference