Comparison of Technology- DC Plating, Pulse Plating and Pulse Reverse Plating on Printed Circuit Board

  • S.Jayapoorani, K.V.Malini, G.Prakash, K.Umadevi


Printed circuit board (PCB) is the mother of any electronic system. Plating is performed on double sided PCB of size 5 x 8 cms with instrumentation amplifier. Plated material, silver serves as connecting material between various layers. Strong adhesive coating is required to overcome the  wear and tear due to vibration, stress and movement between the parts.  Various plating techniques are considered and the optimum plating value is identified. Pulse reverse plating has better current efficiency when compared to other techniques. With increased repeatability and decreased production cost pulse plating method is more beneficiary. For the same time period of 60ms various plating is carried out and the deposition is observed and the efficiency is high for pulse reverse plating.