Factors That Contribute To Financial Genetic Disruption in Malaysia

  • Hu Jiada, Zhao Xia, Lyu Jianben, Lian Wenting4, Liu Neng


The aim of these studies is to explain why Generation Y in Malaysia is financially difficult. Analysis based on domestic causes, including spending patterns, cash output and financial awareness attributable to lack of external influences or events. The findings from a commodity survey of 160 respondents (generation Y) reveal that the linear relationships between independent consumption factors, saving habits and financial management are stable and optimistic with the contingent financial distress differ. The strong but poor linear relation between financial literacy and financial distress was created. By contrast, the research model identifies 64.60% of variables in the dependent variable as the outcome of multiple regression; all independent variables, with the exception of financial literacy, have a major and advantageous impact on financial difficulties. The proposal was made in order for policy makers and financial institutions to search for innovative directions which will have a profound impact on the financial future of Malaysia. In addition to focusing solely on the internal trigger, a further analysis should include potential external factors instead of researching the impact of financial problems on the different groups of the cohort which should include a larger sample size and coverage