The Meaning of Genrang Sanro in the Mappogau Si’hanua Traditional Ceremony in Sinjai Regency: A Symbolic Interactionist Perspective

  • Nurul Fathimatul Izzah, Kun Setyaning Astuti


This qualitative research aims to study the meaning of GenrangSanro in a traditional ceremony from Sinjai Regency named MappogauSi’Hanua from the symbolic interactionist perspective. This approach was used to construct and analyze the meaning-making process of GenrangSanro in traditional ceremonies in Karampuang, Buluppoddo, Sinjai Regency, South Sulawesi. The result shows that GenrangSanro is a sign given to the people in Karampuang who want to involve in Menre ri’ bulu procession. With this sign, they can visit the graves of their ancestors that are located at the mountaintop in Karampuang. GenrangSanro is also used to introduce the ancestral spirits of Karampuang people. They believe that with the presence of ancestral spirits,  the Menre ri’ bulu ceremony (climbing to the mountaintop) can be performed easily without any obstacles.

Keywords- Meaning; Genrang Sanro;Traditional Ceremonies; Mappogau Si’ Hanua; Symbolic Interactionism