The Most Influencing Factors on the Cost Analysis of High-rise Hotel Buildings Using the RII Method

  • Tenni Karolina, Albert Eddy Husin, Budi Susetyo


Application of the work analyzed will be carried out through a VE workshop study and implementation of green building methods. The data process was carried out using qualitative methods, namely analyzing research based on green building and value engineering. The results of the statistical analysis of RII show that F count > F table means H1 is accepted and H0 is rejected, where there is a significant relationship between green building methods and value engineering with façade work in high-rise hotels. There are 10 main factors that most influence the analysis by combining green building and value engineering methods namely Project Feasibility Study, Detailed Engineering Design, Usage Cost, Data Analysis, Function Analysis, Development Phase, Cost Reduction, Design Concept Selection, Image Specifications, Material and System Selection (Reduce / Select). The results of the engineering value and function analysis of the facade work through case study analysis where the percentage of façade work is ≤ 6.21%, of the total percentage of building works.