Team On Beams: Exploring The Demographic And Socio-Economic Profile Of Small Scale Industry Workers


  • George P. Compasivo


-Construction industry covers more than 70 percent of the total work strength of
Philippines. This entails clear regulations and working conditions among its workers. In
an attempt to discover the current condition of the workers, this study determined the
demographic and socio-economic profile of construction workers in Malvar, Batangas,
Philippines. Further, this also determined the various diseases and problems experienced
by the respondents in the performance of their job. By employing descriptive research
with a checklist questionnaire, this study reveals that most of the respondents belonged to
age bracket of 38 and above, married, high school graduate, with a monthly income of
Php 6,844.00-26,739.00, resides in barangays, with house type of both cement and wood
and de buhos toilet facility, observing extended family type with 3-5 children, Php 6,001-
Php 10,000 monthly expenditure worked as laborer with 8-10 hours of work per day,
owned television and cellphones, experienced fever and common cold, and met problems
on the absence of social security. Based on the results of this study, the researcher
proposed various projects, activities and programs to empower the small-scale
construction industry workers.